Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

CPD Compliant?

Healthcare Professionals are required to attain a certain amount of CEU (Continual Educational Units) by attending CEU accredited seminars and/or obtaining their points via online CPD platforms. By participating in CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited activities, healthcare professionals remain compliant while updating and developing their skills and knowledge, thereby benefiting their business and ultimately their patients.

As per HPCSA guidelines:

The purpose of CPD is to assist health practitioners to maintain and acquire new and updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that will be of measurable benefit in professional practice.

DUXAH is committed in assisting healthcare professionals, not only with attaining their required CEU points but also by sourcing and creating relative, informative and invaluable CEU accredited activities.

Healthcare professionals will also be able to search all CPD seminars in their area as well as register for online CPD courses through the user-friendly DUXAH online CPD platform. By registering online as a DUXAH member, healthcare professionals can upload and monitor their CEU points at no charge.

DUXAH launched the new online CPD portal in April 2018. With a wide variety of expanding topics, Healthcare Professionals can now earn their required Ethics and General CEUs online. Anytime – Anywhere.

For more information regarding CPD compliance, please select the following link to view the