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The DUX Academy of Healthcare, DUXAH, evolved from within SpesNet - a company originally established by medical specialists to assist healthcare professionals negotiate the fraught business of private practice, of which professional training was a critical component. 

Hence, a national Professional Development Programme, consisting of CEU accredited seminars was developed and implemented. 

These seminars continues to emphasise the requirements of the healthcare professional in training, the healthcare practitioner and service provider in both private practice as well as in the public sector.

Duxah's Mission

In order to further support these role-players an essential, supplementary component was introduced: The DUXAH Healthcare Administration Management Certification Programme. These certificates are designed to address the lack of skilled and specifically-trained administrators in the industry but also to prepare these administrators for career advancement in any medical establishment or the healthcare environment. The certificates are offered via an e-learning platform and also provides a progressive career path, ranging from administrative to managerial roles. These modules offer a thorough overview of the essential concepts and skills required of today's healthcare administration managers. With these skills and content in mind, DUXAH was paramount in the development of an occupational- and part qualification(s), which have since been accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). 

Furthermore, in an attempt to continually enhance the expansion of the critical skills required in healthcare, various training programmes, workshops and seminars have been customised and developed, according to industry needs and taken to market. These include, and range from, Clinical Coding, Case Management, Home-based Care and Medical Claims Assessing part qualifications and training programmes, to Train-the-trainer and other team-building and soft skills training workshops. 

Thus DUXAH’s mission is to educate and motivate postgraduate training, assist both newly qualified- and established healthcare professionals, as well as all healthcare administration managers servicing the industry. The ultimate vision being to engender and foster a culture of lifelong professional learning and training in healthcare.

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