Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Mobile devices are one of the biggest technology enablers that have allowed the planet to connect.

Allowing the employee to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into a medical practice and connecting it to the practice network has its own set of security challenges. 

Some of the major security concerns are data leakages and malware.

How do we start to secure BYOD?


Which devices are allowed, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops? Which regulations do we need to comply with, ie: Protection of Personal Information Act? Which security measures apply, ie: Passwords, Encryption, Anti-Malware?


We need to know what devices are connected to our network. This can be as basic as asking who is connected to the Wi-Fi network or asking your IT provider to do a “devices connected to the network” check.


Employees need to be trained and informed about the risks associated with certain behaviour associated with the use of these mobile devices, ie: downloading of applications and connecting to public hotspots.