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DUXAH MMed Grants

Research Grant

Research Grants

Frequently, postgraduates are hamstrung by financial constraints especially involving special tests, equipment and patient expenses. To assist, DUXAH will support 2 registrars per University to the
value of R5 000. The awarding of the grants will be subject to the recommendation of the DUXAH appointed specialist panel who will review the applicant’s protocols and the proposed use of the funds.

Conference Attendance

Conference Attendance Grants

Research results should ideally be disseminated among the scientific community. DUXAH will assist postgraduates with the travel, accommodation and registration fees when they present their research at such conferences.

A minimum of R3 000 per applicant per university will be granted subject to the recommendation of the DUXAH panel of experts.

MMed Journal

Exceptional MMed Awards

Obtaining a MMed degree is a significant achievement that deserves to be lauded.

A cash prize of R4 000 will be awarded (subject to DUXAH expert panel) to the deserving candidates who are able to summarise their MMeds into a journal style format not exceeding 2 000 - 2 500 words. One prize per MMed will be allocated to the best 6 submissions emanating from 6 of the 9 medical schools.

DUXAH Support

DUXAH appreciates the hard work that goes into producing meaningful research. So for those who don’t get the opportunity to present MMeds internationally, DUXAH and it’s partners will sponsor tables at inter-disciplinary research days, as we are aware of the uphill battle organisers face in trying to procure funding. If you’re aware that your Research Day Organising Committee could do with financial support, contact DUXAH.